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Straight Razor Use And Care 

Straight razor was introduced in 1680 and since then they are in use for manual shaving for men. The other names that are used to recognize straight razor are cut-throat razor and open razor. Straight razor’s blade folds into its handle.  


Straight razors or open razors are mostly used in barber shops but one can use it in the home for personal use too. There are different types of straight razors like Forestal Straight Razor, Issard Straight Razor, Astrale Straight Razor Ebony Handle and many more. Straight or open razors are easy to use and also taking care of one does not demand much effort. 


These razors are easy to use but one should learn properly before using one. A little mistake while using can cause a big damage to your face. Let’s learn the use of straight razor step by step! 

 STEP 1 

Strop The Straight Razor 

To make sure that the very edge of the razor is straight, we strop the razor. To strop the razor, attach one side of the strop to any immovable object and tightly stretch its another end in your hand. 

 STEP 2 

Prepare Your Face 

Before shaving, wash your face with hot water to open your skin pores. Washing your face with hot water will give you a comfortable and painless shave. 

 STEP 3 

This step would tell you how you should hold your razor 

With your right hand if it is the dominator you need to hold your razor and if the left is then you know what to do. Your ring, middle and index fingers are supposed to be on the shank on the top, and the thumb needs to be on the underside of the razor’s shank.  

 STEP 4 

Using The Razor 

While your dominant hand is holding the razor, use your other hand to stretch the skin tightly. To avoid the cut on your face, hold the razor at about 30-degrees. You need to follow the direction of your hair’s growth, apply gentle strokes without giving much pressure. 

 STEP 5 

The Final Step 

After finishing the first shave, rinse and reshave but this time applying stroke in the opposite direction of hair growth. Once you are done with the shave, apply hot water and after-shave to your face. 

 Now you know how to use a straight razor. It seems easy, right? Well, taking care of straight or open razor is even easier. It does not require some kind of rocket science to take care of straight razor.  

 If maintained properly, a straight razor can last you for the lifetime. After every shave, don’t forget to wash it properly. Also, don’t forget to change the blade after every 8 to 10 shaves. Keep a strop for your razor as strop not only sharpens the edge but it also cleans the crud off the razor. There is a question that must be coming to your minds that what is the best time to strop the razor? Well, the best time to strop your razor is just before you shave. 20 to 25 amount of strops are enough. 

Now when you know everything about a straight razor, you are now ready to do shave with it! 

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