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Critical Thing About Straight Razors

The most critical thing about straight razors is the art to keep its edges sharp, if the edges are sharp they will not disappoint you when it comes to close shave. The strop only aligns the edges whereas honing sharpens them. honing stone is a requirement of long-term. 

 There are a lot of honing stones available in the market with various grades ( GRIT ), from 12000 to 500, very fine to very coarse, you must being from low so that you can go from dull to sharp, grit till you get the sharpness that you desire. 8000 and 4000 is the grit we recommend for a cutthroat but if it totally blunt then a coarser stone is what we would recommend. 



 Steps mentioned below are the steps that you must follow while sharpening your Cutthroat razor, always remember practice is the keep to be proficient as this is an art just the way shaving, gritting is started from slow and the stone would do its work. 

 Steps – 

  1. Clean your honing stone and tap some water on it, always remember imperfections in your honing stone mean imperfections in your cutthroat.
  2. with the honing stone facing you place your razor on it. 
  3. Now you need to pull your razor towards you on a 30-degree angle, the entire length of your razor’s blade must be drawn all across your honing stone, with no pressure let the grit and the razor’s weight do the work, you need to keep the edges of the blade flat.

4.after each stroke, it is your duty to check and make sure that the edge must not be drawn on the stone if the edge is drawn then the blade’s edge would go back to blunt. 

Follow the X pattern shown in the graphic below. 

  1. You must follow normal the  X pattern 
  2. Repeat the steps mentioned above based on your blades requirement.

Things to keep in mind 

  1. stropping is supposed to be done before and not after the shave because of it when you do it before it actually gets in a very nice form and the blades too get aligned and aftershave leads to microscopic breaking.  
  2. If you wish to prevent it from getting stiff and want to maintain it’s shape then you must hang it. 
  3. Always clean it properly

Don’t get disappointed when you do the stropping for the first time and even not on the 20th, you for sure will make millions of mistakes but you know that’s totally okay, it is an art and it would take ages to becomes perfect and there would come a day when your stopping would be as good as a professional as practices makes you perfect and if you wish to be perfect then you need to be patient same is with the shaving with a straight razor practice and patience is what you need to learn the art of shaving and stropping. 

This is all about the stopping and honing stone, keep practicing till you become almost perfect 

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