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Consumer Guide – Copper chef  

World’s first all in one pan, Copper chef pan can broil, steam, bake, braise, cook and saute. this is the first 6 in 1 pan. Made up of 95% copper and coated with the ceramic layer, this pan also comes with stain resistant layer and that is why it becomes a durable product.  

 Let’s talk some facts about copper chef pan 

 Fact No. 1 

Best-friends with heat – There is no doubt that Copper Chef Pan and heat are best of friends. Copper is the good conductor of heat. So when it comes to the contact of heat via stove or oven, it is way too much better than stainless steals or iron.  

 Fact No. 2 

Unbreakable bond with hygiene – Bacterias or germs can’t stand in the way of Copper Chef Pan and hygiene because copper has some antibacterial properties which keep bacterias and germs away from it. 

Fact No. 3 

The color changer – You must be thinking that why your pan has changed its color and whether or not will it harm your food? The answer to your question is that after excessive use, copper tends to change color because of heat. And there is no need to worry because it is not going to harm your food. 

 Instructions for Copper Chef Pan 

Congratulations! Finally, the greatest of all time, Copper Chef six in one pan is now at your home! But before you cook some mouthwatering delicious food items, Copper Chef recommend you to wash the pan with detergent and hot water. Wipe out with a soft dish towel immediately after washing it.  


 Step 1 – To make your frying basket compress its holding post, you have to squeeze its handle. 

 Step 2 – to fit your basket’s handle fit over basket’s opening and pan’s support wire, set the position of basket’s handle accordingly. 

 Step 3 – Now lose your grip to open the springs of frying basket. Now when the springs are open, insert the posts into the slots given for holding. 


  • Focaccia 
  • Ingredients 
  • Pizza Dough 
  • sliced tomato 
  •  sliced red onion 
  • mozzarella 
  •  yellow pepper (sliced) 
  •  Parmigiano cheese, grated 
  •  olive oil 


  1. The very first step is to preheat your beloved oven to about 375 degrees.
  2. putthe dough into your pan 
  3. letthe dough increase in size 
  4. You need to put all the ingredients mention above on the list, on the dough
  5. Now place your pan in your oven for about 30 minutes


  1.  apples 
  2.  pie shells 
  3.  half and half 


  1. Time to preheat your oven (375 degrees)
  2. you need to drape the shells on the sides and the bottom of your pan 
  3. do not forget to leave a flap  
  4. now in the pie shells, you need to pour green apples 
  5. now add the excess pie shells to cover the pie filling 
  6. take half and half out and brush your pie with it. 
  7. time to place your pie in your oven for about 50 to 60 minutes 
  8. Once the color of the pie is a golden turn off your oven and let your pie cool down.

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