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7 Coffee Expresso Ideas That Can Save Your Money 

Many of us are in a relationship with coffee right now! We can give up on anything but coffee!? No freaking way!  

Buying a cup of coffee daily is not bad but spending $4 daily on a coffee i.e, $1,460 in one year…well, it is a huge amount. But there is no need for you to worry because here we are with some ideas that will save your pocket some bucks.  

Before we discuss the ideas, let’s know some facts important about coffee. Coffee is actually important for us. A cup of coffee in the morning gives us sufficient energy to start our day. Moreover, coffee can prevent a lot of critical diseases like type II diabetes, cancer, liver diseases and also heart diseases.  

Now let’s jump on to the 7 coffee espresso ideas that can save your money : 


The first question that might be occurring in many minds is that what’s the difference? Money is going from the pocket anyway. Well, the thing is that when you spent cash, you think twice but when you are paying through your card, you don’t think much because it doesn’t lay down much effect on your pocket. Start paying cash and you will see the change in your habit and will start saving bucks automatically. 


If a survey is conducted on how many people actually take a note of their everyday expenses, the result will be 1 in 20 people. You don’t calculate but everyday expenditure on your coffee can in result in $1000 to $4000 per anum! This is a wake-up call! 


It’s very easy to make espresso at home. all you have to do is to grind your coffee, then add water to the bottom of the pot and then add ground coffee in it and place the pot on the stove over medium heat. Check the coffee level and stir a little, now remove the pot from the stop and serve it to yourself! Making coffee using reviews of ninja coffee bar at home will save you a lot of money. 


The life of whole beans is longer than the ground beans. People purchase ground beans because it is easily available in stores. But they don’t stay fresh for long so you throw them away, which is equal to throwing money away. 


Sounds weird but this idea is a great deal. Instead of throwing away the leftover coffee, store them in the form of ice-cubes for later. 


There are some apps that will help you save some bucks. As you pay for these apps, they give you reward points which you can use later to purchase coffee. 


No doubt coffee give the energy to start your day, but there are many more ways that can charge up your body. Drinking water and staying hydrated, eating healthy food and doing exercise are some natural ways to charge up your body. 

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BUNN Speed Brew 

People think that Speed and velocity brewers are the same but they are not as there is a thin line between them they are just virtually similar or I can say identical. 

The difference between BUNN’s Velocity brewer and Speed brewer- 

  1. Speed brewer by BUNN comes with a different type of spray head, totally unique, it is modified so that it can give more time to the contact between the coffee and the water. 
  2. The second difference is the noticeable change in the shape of the filter basket, the reason behind the change is to help in pouring coffee smoothly in the carafe. 


  1. For optimal extraction, it comes with a modified spray head 
  2. lighting fast brews within 3 minutes 
  3. Minumum 8 and maximum 10 cups of coffee within THREE minutes. 
  4. For smooth pouring new, improved and modified basket 
  5. Brews at an optimal temperature which is 200 degree 
  6. comes with a stainless steel tank ( the internal tank ) 
  7. Highly durable 
  8. THREE-YEAR Warranty 


  1. you can never actually pause the brew 
  2. there is no automatic off attribute 
  3. The internal tank needs about five to ten min to heat up 
  4. It just does not wait as soon as you shut its lid it starts brewing 
  5. Some of the users complain that there is some metallic smell or plastic burning smell  



This bunn brewer is compact and portable and it is a commercial brewer, it gives a moderate amount of coffee when it comes to brewing, it supports airport but does not come with one you will have to buy one on your own. 

The construction is stainless steel which makes it durable. 


  1. Portable
  2. Durable
  3. High quality of coffee
  4. Comes with TWO-YEAR Warranty


  1. Doesn’t come with required air pots 
  2. Will struggle to brew advertised 14.8 L per hour 
  3. Doesn’t function above 5,000 feet elevation 
  4. You will need an air pot for it but it does not come with it 
  5. can’t brew up to 14.8L per hr 
  6. Can’t function beyond 5000 (FEET) elevation

 BUNN BTX-B Thermo Coffee Brewer 

This machine is invented to save your time, three minutes is all that it needs to give you a cup of amazing coffee..This brewer is actually designed for areas with high-altitude, the accent and carafe are made up of stainless steel, carafe has a vacuum as well. It has the power to brew about 50oz of coffee within Three minutes, the carafe can keep your coffee hot for about 2 hours. 


  1. four to ten cups within 3 minutes
  2. vacuum installed carafe 
  3. Spray head
  4. Durable
  5. specially made for areas with high-altitude 


  1. No Timer
  2. NO on and off switch
  3. The heater is always on
  4. It overflows if you do not use BUNN filters

That’s all with the Bunn brewers, the best thing about bunn brewers is that they reliable, some buyers say that their BUNN brewers survived for 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance, so once you purchase your brewer do not forget to wipe it after every use and do give your brewer deep cleaning after ever 4 months